Near Shore Devs is a US Based Staffing Company

As your trusted partner for IT talent, Near Shore Devs makes it quick, easy, and affordable to hire the best software developers for your specific needs. Avoid the cultural headaches of outsourcing. You hire us and we deal with all the local labor laws.

*We get you a developer within 24 hrs operating in your time zone.
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We do one thing, and we do it really well!

Get the best talent for your needs:

Near Shore Devs employs some of the best developers located across Mexico and Latin America. Our developers go through a rigorous hiring process to ensure they are dedicated to delivering top quality software development. We provide each of our developers with monthly training on the latest technologies and coding philosophies to guarantee our clients receive top-notch talent.

The most popular languages requested by our clients are:

  • C-Sharp C#, Asp.Net WebForms, MVC, WebApi, Async
  • Javascript JQuery, AngularJs, VueJs, React
  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and Materialize
  • Database development: MsSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDb, CouchDb, among others.
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Objective-C
  • PHP

Why choose us?

Our meticulous screening process, combined with mandatory professional development, maximizes the quality of output from each developer.

Our five-step screening process:
  • Step 1: We hire developers who care
  • Step 2: Extensive code reviews
  • Step 3: Internal Test projects
  • Step 4: Technical skills interview by Senior Management
  • Step 5: English-proficiency test

To ensure our developers continuously advance their IT skills, Near Shore Devs requires a monthly education plan with exercises submitted and reviewed by our management team. Our goal is to advance the skill-set of each member of our team and expand their career path in technology.

Easily communicate with your team

All Near Shore Devs employees are located and work in US time zones. They are trained on agile scrum methodology and have a best-practices model to quickly deploy a local environment on their own machines. Our developers are typically fluent in English and Spanish which makes communication quick, easy, and direct.

We make outsourcing quick and easy

The founders of Near Shore Devs have 20+ years of experience managing IT teams, both domestically and abroad. We developed processes that eliminate common issues based upon our own experiences, and constantly train our team on effective ways to communicate with their managers. Additionally, we manage our developers' foreign taxes and labor laws so you can focus on your IT projects.

Skills & Services

Prototype development

Software development is expensive. Prototype Development allows companies to quickly create HTLM demos, usually in 30 business days, so they can be vetted with customers or potential investors before investing heavily in the final product. Build a small team to design prototypes to engage existing customers and improve your accuracy in your product’s development.

Project Execution

Quality software development begins with great people and a clear plan. Near Shore Devs trains its developers in an agile scrum approach, and encourages open communication to mitigate risk of lower quality development. This approach increases on-time delivery for your projects.

Coding Languages

The most popular languages requested by our clients are:

  • C-Sharp C#
  • Javascript JQuery, AngularJs, VueJs, React
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Objective-C
  • PHP

UI - User Interface

Latest Industry Standard Technologies that provide the best user interactions and experience.

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap


Everything from relational databases to data wharehouses to document databases and modern persistent stores.

  • Ms-Sql Server
  • Mongo Db
  • Couch Db

Web Security

Latest and greatest security models that include SSO - Single Sign On, OAuth1 and OAuth2, JWT Json Web Tokens.