• 11/19/2018

NearShore vs OnShore 


When looking to outsource your software development process, you will find three main options: onshore, nearshore and offshore outsourcing.

Today we are going to focus on onshore and nearshore development since they are the most popular options when it comes to outsourcing.

Onshore development is based on the idea of ​​working with an IT supplier or a development team that is in the same country as you, which means that you will work with people relatively close to your company. This could be incredibly beneficial for many reasons, such as physically meeting the team, not having a language barrier or any significant time zone difference.

However, when it comes to benefits, Nearshore development has many others. Now, unlike onshore development, nearshore is based on the premise of working with a provider that is located in a country or region relatively close to your company. Think of nearshore development as a combination of onshore and offshore, providing the best of both worlds.



Working with a ground crew could be as expensive as hiring someone new on their own, meanwhile, hiring a nearby development team could result in lower fees.

This is due to several factors, but mainly because hiring a nearshore development team from Central America and Latin America represents an intelligent investment for American and Canadian companies.

The nearshore model reduces the risks of having a language barrier. As you will work with a team from a country relatively close to yours, there is a possibility that they speak your language fluently or even understand it perfectly. A nearshore team will ensure that communication channels are always open on both sides.


One of the big problems with onshore outsourcing is not only that it is extremely expensive, but there are not enough people to cover everyone's needs. On the other hand, looking for a nearshore outsourcing team will allow you to expand your horizons and find thousands of qualified and expert teams that are willing and ready to work with you.

In short, nearshore development combines the best of onshore and offshore outsourcing, offering you and your company the possibility to work with an experienced team that is relatively close to you. If you still have some doubts about your software needs, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our technology experts at edgar@nearshoredevs.com.


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