• 03/13/2020

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Remote work has become a tendency in recent weeks to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Asia, as it is a viable work alternative for affected countries.  

Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads through physical contact, so one of the recommendations is to avoid it. However, working onsite makes it impossible not to have contact with co-workers and the same thing happens with public transportation.


The word "재택 근무" translates as "Work-from-home" and it has been trending this week in Korea. This modality has been one of the solutions in Asia to avoid major infections and not affect the economy of many companies.


Google, Microsoft and Apple are some of the companies recommending all of its employees in North America to work from home.  However, American workers are less likely to be covered by a paid sick leave policy than those in other developed countries, like the UK. This can make employees in the U.S. more likely to show up for work when they are sick.

Coronavirus cases continue to grow in the United States with more than 1,200 infected people and 30 deaths across the country.


These are some suggestions we can all take into consideration to avoid economic losses and the spread of the virus:

  • Evaluate near-shore options: It will take time before factories and tech companies return to full capacity.
  • Follow guidelines posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • If telehealth is an option for your employees, advise them to use it. This minimizes the risk of infecting others and themselves.
  • Show employees how to use good hygiene and take responsible precautions.

After the Covid-19 crisis, companies should diversify production from one or two Chinese centers to a range of alternatives throughout the world. If coronavirus will impact fundraising for the next 2 quarters, maybe it's time to consider nearshore for your short-term tech scaling requirements. Protect your employee’s health and the evolution of your projects will be unaffected.