• 12/04/2018

5 Quick Tips for a successful remote engagement

  1. Meet daily with your developer:

    • A daily scrum is one of the best practices recommended in the industry.

  2. Be patient and train your developer on the projects and specific technologies that y'all use:

    • For the initial days we recommend pointing the developer to documentation.

    • Additionally for DL we recommend giving him tasks like:

      • Stand up the Ed-Fi Dashboards on your dev machine

      • Follow Tech Docs Instructions and stand up the Ed-Fi ODS API

      • Review Tech Docs on best practices for Extending both Ed-Fi Dashboards and ODS API.

  3. Communication is key:  (Communicate early and often)

    • Maintain a close communication with your developer. On the first month have him report to scrum and then at the end of the day send you a status update email or text/Whatsapp message.

    • After you feel comfortable with your developer relax communication to morning scrums.

    • Nearshore Devs is here to listen to you and help figure out issues before they happen. Please contact your account manager with any concerns you have. No matter how small you think the feedback is, it is very important for the success of your new resource.

  4. Earn your developer's trust:

    • It is a good practice to promote team trust and cohesion. We recommend having a weekly meeting where the team spends 5 minutes in what we call "The Segway". This is a moment where the team talks about "Something that they are grateful for" or "Happy for" in the past week or weekend. This makes the team come together beautifully. Also, in the same weekly meeting we recommend realigning goals and reinforcing multiple times what success looks like for this project. (Rule of 7: People have to be reminded 7 times about something so that it is clear and real to them.)

    • If employees don’t feel like leadership/management is invested in their success, their job performance may suffer and undermine the rest of the team.

  5. Promote a team culture:

    • Even though virtual workers aren’t working side-by-side in an office, it’s important to make them feel as they’re still part of the team. 

    • Building and promoting a positive, inclusive culture within the team can help improve morale and make employees more vested in projects and each other’s success.


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