• 03/19/2019

Tools for remote teams


Remote work is possible thanks to a large number of digital tools that allow us to work remotely, coordinate and synchronize all our tasks, keep projects in the cloud, or maintain a constant and fluid communication with our team.


  • Google Documents
    This tool is one of the free services offered by Google and has important functions for remote computers. Google Documents allow more than one person to share and edit texts at the same time.
    Other features such as the option of comments and the creation of new documents can be done in collaboration, all this is supported in the cloud, streamlining work processes and ensuring the security of information.
  • Microsoft Office 356
    The Microsoft cloud tool allows teams to work remotely, sharing and modifying files with other collaborators, accessing documents and agendas and communicating with other people through instant messages.
    In addition to using the cloud system, the tool enables the execution of offline tasks, and the user can choose where they want to store data: on the local or online server.
  • Slack
    Slack has an operation and integration with third-party applications that is just great. In addition we must add the management we can do with the tool, where they come into play:
    -The groups (we can be in as many groups of slack as we want and communicate in a totally independent way in each one).
    -Threads, which are the labels that allow us to divide the work teams or open one (or several) channels for each project that we are executing.
  • Whatsapp
    The king of instant messaging, which happened to be owned by Facebook two years ago.

    WhatsApp has become the communication system by default of a large part of the world's population, and although it is closely linked to personal communication, many companies use it for internal communication or as a communication channel for equipment.

  • Trello
    The favorite of any media team. The user experience with Trello is very intuitive, although sometimes its simplicity can be chaotic if a serious work methodology is not applied.

    Trello is very oriented to all those who want to manage their projects through the kanban method (work progressively moving the elements or tasks of a project along different columns).

  • Drift
    Among the services that we can use to generate leads and support our customers, Drift is one of the most trend generating lately. Drift is compatible and can be integrated with a large number of services (such as Slack, for example), which will allow us to provide our web or CRM with a high quality support service.



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