• 06/04/2019

Best Coding Challenge Websites In 2019


These websites are a great source of knowledge: You will be able to learn about coding, problem-solving, mathematics, and algorithms, and you will also be prepared for the technical interviews and tests potential employers will face you with. Check out these 12 Best coding challenge websites and start practicing and learning more than you expected...


1. Coderbyte

This website provides over 200 coding challenges for you to solve in their online editor and you get to use 10 different programming languages. Coderbyte also provides a number of courses in Web development and algorithms and data structures as well as some prep courses for coding boot camps. It works together with some of the leading software brands. e.g., Google, LogMeIn, HBO, PWC, and many others.

2. CodeChef

This competitive programming website has a virtual sea of challenges for beginners, intermediate and even advanced coders. They write tutorials, organize competitions and most importantly they help you with your coding challenges along the way so you can learn in the best possible way.

3. LeetCode

LeetCode organizes contests on a weekly and monthly basis. Completing their challenges and winning the contests earns you cash prizes and gift cards. LeetCode provides you with challenges from algorithms, system design, shell, database, functional programming, and many more categories.

4. Codefights

Codefights / Codesignal is a San Francisco based Technology Company aiming to change the way people discover, develop and promote talent. It was founded in 2004 and is trained by engineers from a specific company.

5. Geeks for Geeks

This website was formed on March 19th, 2009 and offers a wide range of courses that one can’t get from any other website. It also offers internship programs in vacations, coding prentice, the guide to writing interview experience, coding questions, etc. This website also offers step by step preparation, company preparation, top topics, company-specific practice, software design pattern, placement preparation courses, interview corner, all previous interview experiences, GQ home page, quiz corner, LMNs, etc.

6. CodeEval

If you’re looking for the best way to land a job through coding challenges, you should look no further than CodeEval as it provides a variety of company-sponsored coding challenges that aim to help you get a job if you master them in the best possible fashion.

7. HackerRank

It focuses on different subjects from computer sciences and you can complete a number of challenges from math, SQL, AI, algorithms, and functional programming. The challenges can be finished online and there is a leaderboard for each challenge. HackerRank also provides you with editorials that help explain the challenges and how to approach them.

8. TopCoder

Back to the Future: TopCoder is an old website that is still on the top. It provides you with weekly challenges and competitions in Web design and Web development, algorithms, math, SQL, and many more.

9. CodeWars

It’s meant for beginners and intermediate coders and it offers progressive challenges as you advance with your coding skills. Each challenge has its own discussion board and user solutions. Through these challenges, you earn points, climb rankings and unlock advanced challenges.

10. SPOJ

This website provides over 20,000 different coding challenges you can master with their online editor, but you can submit your code even if it was created in another editor. SPOJ hosts a lot of content and sometimes even awards gift cards and different prizes for the best coders.

11. ProjectEuler

It focuses on the more advanced knowledge and you need to have certain mathematics knowledge, as well as some other skills. Their challenges are based on writing a program to find the solution to tricky math problems or equations. It helps you with your creative thinking, learning and advancing in the programming language you’re using.

12. CodinGame

In this website, you get to complete challenges in order to complete a certain aspect of the game or to complete the entire game, and once you do that – you get to see the game with amazing graphics and UI. CodinGame involves some top-level algorithms and has countless world-class coders helping to provide solutions to both new and seasoned developers alike.


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