• 08/07/2019

Pros of Hiring Remote Employees


If your employees have been asking you to add this option, you should consider it. Letting your employees work from a coffee shop, the airport, or wherever their Wi-Fi connections take them has more benefits than you thought. 


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Are you considering adding remote workers? Take a look at these 8 benefits of hiring remote workers.  


1. Wider talent pool

Flexibility in the workplace is one of the most important factors for millennials, and in order to attract young, highly skilled talent, working remotely is a major bonus.  They want – and expect – the same opportunities in their careers as the ones in your geographic area. 

When you need to hire employees from a set location, you limit your talent pool. While hiring remote work allows you to find the very best talent across the globe


2. Productivity

Contrary to the common idea, remote workers are actually more productive than their in-office counterparts. With no office distractions and greater autonomy, remote workers have the freedom to get more done. 

When a person is working from their home, they are insulated from the daily distractions that take place in an office; they aren’t barraged with impromptu meeting requests or idle chats from colleagues. Instead, they can home in on the task at hand without interruption.


3. Teamwork

Remote workers make the best teammates. Sounds contradictory? This is because distance demands more communication. Without being able to lean on physical proximity, remote workers must reach out to one another frequently and with purpose. This leads to stronger collaboration and camaraderie. 


4. It reduces business costs

Hiring remote workers can result in huge business savings:

  • Office costs: Line items like office supplies and furniture, janitorial services, and electricity are all reduced. 

  • Payroll: As we said before, you can hire from countries where the salary costs are lower without having to reduce the quality of your business.


5. It’s greener!

Research suggests that if employees with remote-compatible jobs worked from home even half the time, annually we could save (among other things):

  • 119 billion miles of highway driving.

  • $20 million in gas;

  • 640 million barrels of oil (at a saving of $64 billion);

  • 54 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (comparable to taking 10 million cars off the road).


6. Employee retention

Do you know how much it really costs to replace an employee?  Estimates indicate that replacing an employee can cost your business 20 percent of their salary.

Working from home is seen as a huge bonus for employees. If you have a role that lets them work from home full or part-time, then they’re less likely to look elsewhere. You’re less likely to lose a remote worker, especially if your competition doesn’t let staff work from home. And because they’re happier and healthier they’re less likely to start looking for new pastures.}


7. Diversity

Having a more diverse staff is good for business. When you combine people of different races, religions, cultures and life experiences you immediately add more viewpoints to any problem that you are trying to solve. That translates to more rounded solutions.

When you hire remotely, you get a more diverse staff. You give yourself access to people who need to work from home due to circumstances, like working mums, those with health conditions or disabilities that restrict their movements. 


8. Lowers Work Absences

Office life is littered with absences -- workers who are calling in sick or sneaking out early to run an errand or get to an event on time (for example, Canadian workers miss an average of 9.3 days per year and it's costing the economy $16.6 billion).

With telecommuting, you might find your business having less work absences and higher cost-savings. The primary financial benefits of offering remote work for employers come from lower absenteeism and reduced sick leave. But remote workers do not need to make excuses.


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