At Near Shore Devs, we understand that software development can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Partnering with Near Shore Devs allows your company to mitigate these common risks in software development by equipping your IT staff with top quality technology talent.

Near Shore Devs was founded by a team of IT Managers who understands the challenges of outsourcing IT talent. We have a rich history of working with offshore developers from all over the world. While working with programmers overseas appears to reduce costs, project execution and direct communication can be difficult and often more expensive. We found that hiring nearshore developers in Mexico and Latin America provides the best combination of cost-savings and easier communication. Our developers speak English and Spanish and are located in the same time zones as the United States. These two factors boost communication and enable value to be delivered quickly through their efforts.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our management team provides local support for our clients outsourcing needs & resources. After discussing your IT requirements with our local team, Near Shore Devs will connect you with proven developers for your specific project needs.

Our Standards

Our goal is to help companies of any size successfully outsource their IT needs through quality developers. We eliminate the headaches and risks commonly associated with hiring offshore developers by requiring every one of our employees to adhere to the following standards:

Spoken Languages

Be proficient in English and Spanish. Able to express technical terms and requirements.

Time Zone

USA work hours from 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday, Central Standard Time.

Agile Methodologies

Expertly trained in modern software development techniques like Agile, Lean and scrum.

Advanced Training

On-going professional development of our near-shore team.

Development Structure

Development structure based upon “Near Shore Devs proprietary code development system”

Effective Onboarding

Effective onboarding solution for Clients and Developers

US Calendar

Adherence to US Holiday Calendar

Contract Lengths

Six-month and twelve-month contracts